Repair and Calibration Service


A new product test center has been completed at the Ashcroft Inc. world headquarters in Stratford, Connecticut. The facility has been outfitted with a host of specialized test equipment to simulate virtually any adverse operating condition that an Ashcroft® product may Encounter while in service.

Ingress protectionElectrical testsAmbient test
IP and NEMA testsRadio frequency and electro magnetic interference (RFI & EMI) testsTests in hot and cold temperature chambers to simulate ambient temperature, humidity and UV conditions


We check and repair all ASHCROFT® and HEISE® pressure and temperature measurement devices.

Instrument typesContact by PhoneContact by E-Mail
Pressure gauges, Thermometers, Switches and Transmitters (mechanical and electrical)+49-2401-808-888[email protected]


Calibration according to DAkkS or in-house standards including certificate and calibration sticker

StandardRangesMeasuring Instruments
DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025-1 up to 4.000 barMechanical and electrical pressure gauges and transmitters