Hand Pumps and Controllers

XHOV-KIT High Pressure Pump

The Ashcroft® XHOV-KIT high pressure hydraulic pump is a hand-pump device for generating system pressure.

Device TypePressure MediumRanges
High Pressure PumpHydraulic0 ... 344 bar

DPPV-KIT Combination Pressure & Vacuum Pump

The Ashcroft® DPPV-Kit pressure and vacuum pumps are hand-operated devices used for generating system pressure

Device TypePressure MediumRanges
Low Pressure PumpPneumatic-0.7 bar up to 8.6 bar

AVC-1000 and AVC-3000 Pressure Volume Controller

The Ashcroft® AVC-1000 and AVC-3000 pressure volume controllers provide a means to precisely set pressures within a closed pneumatic system.

Device TypePressure MediumRanges
Volume ControllerPneumaticVacuum to 70 bar or vacuum to 210 bar

APOV-KIT Medium Pressure Pump

The Ashcroft® APOV-PK medium pressure pneumatic pump is a hand-operated pressure source used for instrument calibration.

Device TypePressure MediumRanges
Medium Pressure PumpPneumatic0 ... 20 bar