Process Equipment Manufacturer

Process Equipment Manufacturers

Whether you manufacture boilers, turbines or engines, you face the same challenges. Increasing competition, regulatory scrutiny, cost reduction pressures and demanding customers are the reality you live with every day. Each product that leaves your facility puts a customer relationship, and your reputation, on the line. Critical instruments – from gauges to switches to transducers – must stand up to the harshest conditions in order to keep your equipment running and your customers safe.

At Ashcroft, our goal is to be your competitive advantage in the form of unrivaled quality and innovation.That’s why our switches are SIL capable and feature explosion-proof enclosures to satisfy hazardous installation requirements. The reason why we develop innovative technologies that protect your gauge against pulsation and vibration such as the PLUS! Performance.

But our superb instrumentation is only part of your competitive edge. The Ashcroft expert customer service and engineering team will specify solutions that satisfy the long-term needs of both you and your customers. From a huge selection of off-the-shelf products to Custom Engineered Solutions (CES), we’re ready to solve your toughest challenges. Get started by calling us at +65 6252-6602.

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