Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Challenged by customers seeking reduced prices, increasing product expectations and the emergence of low-cost competition, you must adapt to remain profitable. We’re here to help. As a premier brand, we strive to develop innovative instruments to improve your operating efficiencies, allowing you to reduce production costs and expand equipment customization.

Our reliable transducers use proven technology assuring accurate and reliable measurement. Fast response times enhance real-time data collection for PLCs and acquisition systems. Durable switches featuring SIL capability and explosion-proof enclosures satisfy hazardous installation requirements. Our Custom Engineered Solutions (CES) offers complete flexibility in product design with expert engineers working closely with you to develop the best solution. And, those challenging applications can be resolved by our Critical Applications Solutions Experts (CASE).

There’s more to us than just instruments. At Ashcroft, we provide the service and technical support you want. From unmatched customer service to CES and CASE, you can count on us for your everyday needs. Speak to an expert at +65 6252-6602.

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