EPC Construction

Prior to shipment, we welcome inspectors to conduct on-site inspections to satisfy your shipping requirements. We take special care that our products include proper tagging, packaging and shipment information.
Those small details will ease installation and minimize start-up problems. Maintenance programs, recommended spare part lists, and a dedicated applications team are available when required.

Our CASE In-process-Support will asure that your customer is supported long after the project completion:

  • Technical Survey – Our experienced team will visit your plant or process and perform on-site inspections. We will trouble shoot. Identifiy inventory optimization and make recommendations on ways we can help your process run safe and efficient.
  • Failure-Analysis- Ashcroft’s Critical Application Solution Experts will determine exactly why a product has failed and work with your team to ensure similar failures don’t occur again.
  • Return Materials Authorization- If a product is returned for Failure-Analysis, our RMA process is efficient and timely.


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