About Us

What We Believe

Our passion is to design, manufacture and deliver the most innovative and well-crafted pressure and temperature instruments so you can always trust the shield.

Who We Are

Everyone counts. We take pride in providing Career Opportunities to ensure a strong workforce contributes the right skills to every task. Working at Ashcroft, our employees are diverse and focused resulting in globally respected brands with Heise® and Weksler®.

At a Glance

Strong commitment. Our History has been defined by Leadership abiding by an ethical Code of Conduct. This has led to the development of innovative Brands and Trademarks that cast a significant Global Footprint throughout our industry markets.

Quality Certifications

Staying safe and compliant. Our operations are compliant with quality management systems which provide validation of process integrity. This has assisted us to improve consistency and maximize operational efficiency.

News & Events

See what’s happening. Featuring briefs on industry developments, new products and corporate and community events. Stay-up-to-date by visiting Ashcroft’s website.